Encounter for the first time, just why web design and search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for a thriving business.

And discover compatibility.

It’s important that you feel confident in my abilities as your web design and SEO specialist and more importantly in my ability to design a website and increase your website ranking in search results; scoring some serious visitors for your business (the kind that likes to buy).

So before you go anywhere have a quick look below to discover if my expertise and ethics are compatible with your business goals. Then if you’re happy with your discovery, feel free to contact me to chat about your requirements.


If you’re looking for a Web design and SEO expert who will promise you in 2 weeks your brand will not only take over Staffordshire, but the world as we know it. Well. I’m afraid I’m not the guy for you.

My approach is to provide you with a realistic outlook and no-nonsense advice for actions we both can take to create a strong foundation to get you guaranteed results.

This will ensure that your business will make the steady climb to a recognisable brand online locally in Staffordshire or even nationally if you prefer.

SEO Marketing and web design Skills: Keeping up with new developments and updates is important to me, especially when it comes to staying ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape and providing the best for my clients.

To date, I hold the following accreditations and professional experience in the following areas:

• Web Design
• Bing Ads Accredited Professional Status
• Google Adwords
• Google Maps for Business
• Search engine optimisation consultancy
• Pay-per-click marketing
• Search engine marketing
• Keyword Analysis
• Strategic Backlink Development

Trusted Web Designer And Marketing Expert: There’s a reason why I started in this profession. It wasn’t my hobby of building sites and seeing how high I could rank them. It wasn’t even my competitiveness to win and test new strategies (both in marketing and at the gym).

No, it was the satisfaction of knowing I had a hand in helping businesses achieve the recognition they deserved.

Seeing YOUR business improve and grow is the reason I am dedicated to practicing the most effective and ethical Web Design & SEO practices.

So rather than spend your valuable time researching the complex world of HTML/ CSS and SEO management or paying extra to cover the overheads of a Web agency; why not consider using a freelance Web design and SEO expert?

You won’t just be gaining a qualified expert, but an extension of your current workforce, dedicated to the success of your business.

But don’t worry about making a decision just yet… why not review exactly what this Web design and marketing business are all about and why online websites fail without it.

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